Workato is the modern leader in automation. As an iPaaS system (Integration Platform as a Service), Workato turns workflows into simple and powerful automations.

While typical integration platforms focus on data movement, Workato incorporates business systems and actions to move from integration to true automation. Workato offers automation solutions for multiple departments, including marketing, sales, and IT, and integrates with many popular data sources. Bounteous and Workato work together to deliver automation solutions that save businesses from hours of custom coding, saving both time and money.

Key Features

  • Workflow Automation
  • Low-Code Integration
  • Ready-to-Use Recipes
  • Cloud-Native Architecture

Workflow Automation

Go beyond automating single tasks and automate entire business processes.

Low-Code Integration

Easily build with a low-code/no-code experience that helps reduce development time and cost. Design APIs, integrations, and automations with a user friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Ready-to-Use Recipes

Unlimited access to thousands of ready-to-use connectors and workflows, eliminating custom coding and making implementation faster.

Cloud Native Architecture

100% cloud native, built for speed and scale on a cloud platform reducing planning and operational costs.