Google Search Ads 360


Bounteous is a trusted Google-certified ad platform partner — only one of a handful in North America. Google Search Ads 360 brings advanced automations and campaign optimizations to your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. This enterprise platform is suitable for companies and agencies who are looking to scale their paid search management and gain additional levels of spend control. Go cross-network with the ability to manage campaigns across Google Ads, Bing, Baidu, and Yahoo! from a single interface while benefiting from intelligent bidding methods. 

Integrated data sharing with Google Analytics 360 and Google Marketing Platform allow for first-party data targeting and the advanced reporting that’s required to demonstrate returns on ad investments.


  • Data Ownership
  • Machine-Learning Bid Strategies
  • Scale Engine Management
  • Modern Conversion Reporting for Paid Media
  • Cross-Channel Audience Management
  • Holistic Measurement

Data Ownership

Data is our most precious marketing asset. Secure it by working with Bounteous to own your advertising technology data so that you can control who has access to your data and what they can do with it. 

Machine-Learning Bid Strategies

Smart Bidding and other auto-bidding technologies take the guesswork out of cost optimizations. Make better decisions with real-time bids and insights that leverage Google’s machine learning algorithms.

Scale Campaign Management

Manage all search engine campaigns (even Shopping) in one place to simplify account optimizations, ad swaps, budget management, reporting, and more. Marketers no longer have to track success and make changes within multiple user interfaces (UI’s), creating more time for strategy and saving traditional execution hours. 

Modern Conversion Reporting for Paid Media

Tracking conversion paths and customer journeys has only increased in difficulty over the years as we’ve moved to a cross-channel world. Avoid double counting conversions between paid search and programmatic with Search Ads 360. Using the same set of Floodlight tags from Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360 ensures more accurate reporting and attribution for your media funnel. 

Cross-Channel Audience Management

Build remarketing lists with traffic from search and social engines easily with Floodlight tags. Thanks to the integration with Google Marketing Platform, and use these lists to reach users through Display & Video 360. This key integration creates additional layers to your audience strategy across paid channels.

Holistic Measurement

Get all of your campaign metrics in one place with Google Search Ads 360, from ad spend to overall performance metrics. Track conversion data in real-time to see how effective your campaigns are throughout the day, which can help prevent any missteps on high-valued days.