Google Marketing Platform

How Can Your Business Leverage Google Marketing Platform?

Designed for enterprises, Google Marketing Platform provides a solution to the age-old problem of having too many tools across too many platforms — and each of them locked in a silo that cannot talk to the others. Centered around the immense reporting power of Google Analytics 360, the platform connects many distinct tools together to:

  • Share data seamlessly;
  • Personalize, test, and advertise instantly;
  • Generate results consistently.

That's a win-win-win for your business.

Along with our integrated analytics and marketing strategy services, these interconnected tools can help you better understand your customers and their behavior, as well as increase your ability to easily use data to make informed decisions and better plan your investments.

Some of the tools available through Google Marketing Platform might already be familiar to you if you are a current Google Analytics user. The key to Google Marketing Platform tools are their ability to not only talk to each other, but to help you communicate findings and solutions company-wide.

As a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, we excel at helping companies navigate the tools below.


  • Google Analytics 360
  • Google Display & Video 360
  • Google Tag Manager 360
  • Google Optimize 360
  • Google Search Ads 360
  • Google Campaign Manager
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Surveys 360