Reinvent Digital Commerce with fabric Commerce Platform

fabric is the first scalable commerce software company built by retailers. Their headless commerce technology helps midsize and enterprise B2C and D2C brands deliver exceptional commerce experiences. fabric’s platform gives retailers the control and flexibility to easily build from scratch, or integrate with an existing technology stack, to compose the perfect commerce experiences.

How We Can Work Together

Bounteous and fabric work together to reinvent digital strategy with headless technology and composable architecture. Switching to composable architecture can be daunting, but the powerful combination of Bounteous’ digital strategy and Co-Innovation Method and fabric’s modern technology stack allows companies to safely take digital risks.

fabric delivers scalable commerce solutions built on real-world retail experience, and they offer a portfolio of products to accelerate online growth for companies. Their technology helps take the burden of engineering out of the hands of retailers and is easy for non-engineers to make updates without custom coding.

Our Offerings & Solutions

fabric’s Commerce Platform is a comprehensive commerce solution that offers a variety of tools and features designed to help businesses thrive in an e-commerce world. With fabric, businesses can create customizable storefronts, manage orders, inventory, and promotions, and leverage powerful marketing and promotional tools to drive sales. fabric also provides a cloud-native order management system and seamlessly integrates with third-party platforms and services, like CMS and payment providers. fabric offers a flexible and scalable solution for businesses looking to optimize their commerce operations and accelerate online growth.

fabric Solutions

With fabric, you can use their comprehensive Commerce Platform or individual fabric products to create one-of-a-kind commerce solutions for your business. Customize your commerce site with fabric’s full suite of 300+ Commerce APIs, streamline order fulfillment with fabric Order Management (OMS), and grow revenue with drop shipping with fabric Marketplace. Control data quality and manage multiple variants of the same product with fabric Product Information Management (PIM), and simplify pricing and promotions with fabric Offers. All of fabric’s products are headless, flexible, and integrate seamlessly with your favorite storefront, CMS, payment provider, and more.

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Our Team Members Bring a Wealth of Experience to the Table

Our developers are well-versed in utilizing the latest technologies to build customized commerce solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. At Bounteous, we have a deep understanding of fabric’s commerce capabilities, and our teams work collaboratively with clients to ensure their commerce platforms are optimized for success. From site architecture and design to integrations and customizations, our developers are committed to delivering exceptional results that drive business growth and enhance the customer experience.

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Bounteous is more than a trusted partner. They’re truly co-innovating alongside their technology partners and with their clients. The partnership we’ve built between Chico’s FAS, Bounteous and fabric is revolutionizing the retail industry and the future of commerce. We’re so proud of the exceptional experiences we’ve helped create.

Reed Foster

Head of Platform Sales, fabric

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