Acquia Site Factory


An extension of Acquia Cloud Platform, a cloud hosting tool specifically designed to support Drupal, Acquia Site Factory empowers your designers and gives your digital marketing team creative freedom to meet market demand and accelerate the pace of your business. One-click site creation allows digital marketers to easily create and maintain brand and security-compliant sites.


  • Efficient Workflow Controls
  • Global Support
  • Strong Security

Efficient Workflow Controls

Acquia Site Factory’s smart workflow tools help digital IT and marketing teams work together more efficiently through defined roles and permissions. Sites are updated from a single codebase, which means less manual work, enforced brand consistency, as well as faster, and more secure updates.

Global Support

Acquia Site Factory is built to help you scale globally. 24/7 global support provides the industry’s top Drupal expertise whenever and wherever you need it. 

Strong Security

Acquia Site Factory’s stringent compliance standards help you manage sites worldwide, all while keeping your experiences extremely secure.