A Valuable Partnership

Wawa, a chain of 1000+ retail stores, is a one-stop-shop for coffee, food, fuel, and day-brightening service. Since 2007, Wawa has co-innovated with Bounteous to drive value for the brand and its customers. With a one-team mentality and an iterative approach, we have driven exponential growth by thoughtfully infusing digital throughout the end-to-end brand experience — from Wawa.com, to in-store digital signage, kiosk ordering, social media, drive-thru integration. and more.

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Success Starts In Store

Wawa fulfills more than 100 million food orders for its customers every year, all freshly made to order. As their digital copilot, Bounteous creates stunning digital signage and intuitive ordering interfaces that help those customers decide what they’re craving, increase basket size, and follow through at the point of purchase.

Customer Ordering Kiosks

Ask any Wawa fan, and they’ll tell you: the ordering kiosks, and ease of ordering overall, are one of the brand’s most appealing offerings. While working within the platform’s fixed parameters, our digital experts deliver eye-catching content (e.g., screensavers, engaging calls-to-action) to help customers connect the dots between promotions, menu flow, and their cravings at the point of purchase.

Video at the Pump

As fuel became another leading offering, Wawa needed a strategy to entice customers outside at the pump into the store. Now, a rotation of infotainment videos play at every pump, with accompanying voice-over and soundtrack resonating overhead. Dubbed “Pump Applause” videos, Bounteous leverages campaign messaging and store information to drive awareness and appetite appeal, along with user-generated influencer and fan content to keep it relatable and engaging.

Turning Campaigns Into Celebrations

Wawa’s mission extends beyond fulfilling customer orders to brightening their day as well. Every campaign is an opportunity to celebrate, and Bounteous helps bring those celebrations to life for flagship campaigns, new product launches, and more.

New Product Launches: Fresh Pizza Arrives at Wawa

There’s always a Wawa product that customers wish back on the menu — especially pizza. After so many fan tweets, posts, and stories pleading for pizza, Wawa answered the call. Bounteous supported this monumental new product launch every step of the way. Playful teasers sparked intrigue among fans on social. Stores displayed the most craveworthy visuals of fresh, hot pizza and epic cheese pulls on digital signage. Pop-culture phenoms showed up to spread the word. Everywhere fans looked, there was no escaping the news that Wawa has pizza.

Electrifying & Unique Marketing Tactics Recharge the Beverage Offering

Wawa Recharger energy drinks were a new extension of the specialty beverage line. Wawa needed support to make this launch as exciting, electrifying, and flavorful as the drinks themselves. Together, Wawa and Bounteous created content for tactics outside the traditional and digital channel, including the Wawa 250 stock-car auto racing event in Daytona, Florida. We developed social content and were on-site to capture photography mixing the vibrant Recharger drinks with fans and excitement from the event.

Creating Customer Connection and Brand Love

Drive Love, Reach Fans, Win Hearts

Bounteous has been bringing flavor to the Wawa TikTok channel since 2019, winning both the hearts of Wawa fans everywhere and the Online Media, Marketing and Advertising Award for Use of Single Platform – Driving Brand Love.

Today Wawa has 600K+ TikTok followers, with monumental growth year over year.

Schwarberfest Hits Home for @Wawa Fans…and Hoagie Sales

Inspired by Wawa’s flagship campaign, Hoagiefest, Schwarberfest was a rally cry in homage to Phillies outfielder Kyle Schwarber — an idea that originated from a Barstool Philly podcast tweet. The Schwarberfest campaign was designed to drive hoagie orders, mobile app sales, and fan engagement. Campaign tactics spanned across all owned and paid channels. With minimal media spend, Wawa saw the highest three weeks of mobile app sales in Wawa history, 9.6 million organic impressions, and 8.1 million paid impressions. This project strengthened the already-successful co-innovation partnership between Bounteous and Wawa.

Wawa partners with Bounteous to conceive, create, and optimize an integrated digital ecosystem that connects customers to every aspect of the brand.

The Secret Recipe for Success? We Work As One Combined Team

Wawa sought a strategic partner to serve as an extension of their team. Employing a one-team mindset, we work side by side, often in the same room, to meet Wawa’s goal of providing a best-in-class, surround-sound digital experience for existing and prospective customers.

Bounteous Helps Drive Strategic Decision Making

As an extension of their internal teams, Wawa relies on us to provide recommendations and feedback on all workstreams, both internal and from partner vendors. This helps to ensure cohesive brand output and productive communication flow – all to maintain velocity and continue to deliver a Wawa experience that customers have come to expect.

Co-Innovation Drives Us

Co‑innovation is our unique model of collaborative partnership, proven to help brands compete and win. Co-innovation guides our most strategic, high-impact, and long-term partnerships, and it’s the model through which Bounteous works with successful C-store brands like Wawa. Learn more about the co-innovation model at co-innovation.com.