Delighting Consumers With a New Channel for a Beloved Brand

In 2014, Coca-Cola launched the Share a Coke campaign. Under our stewardship, that idea transformed into a multi-faceted, direct-to-consumer commerce experience that helps drive Coke's online presence.

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  • 4.4+ MMItems sold
  • 50%Increase in traffic year-over-year
  • 5+ YRSWorking with Coca-Cola

An end-to-end commerce experience

From an intuitive shopping experience to demand-driving digital campaigns to ongoing experience optimization, we've worked tirelessly to build a thriving Coke store that delights consumers.

We're spearheading digital innovation and growth through commerce excellence.

Mobile and Desktop

Coca-Cola's optimized site ensures Coke lovers have the same delightful, instinctual path to purchase they've come to expect, whether visiting the site on mobile or desktop.


The direct‑to‑consumer marketing model combines product customization and social media in a way that boosts the brand and generates credibility with millennials.

Coca-Cola's robust commerce platform sets the foundation for an immersive consumer experience. In looking to build upon this base, we also oversaw the creation of Share a Coke's email, social, and digital campaigns.

Brand Partnerships

We introduced brand partnerships to extend the customized feel of Share a Coke to include the MLB, NCAA, MLS, Winter Olympics, and more.

Winning the Holiday Season

The Taste the Feeling holiday campaign was an opportunity to grow awareness of the custom bottles and licensed merchandise program.

Grew the Share a Coke program into an evergreen, revenue-generating, multi-brand commerce platform.

Brand Growth

Our commerce platform houses not only the #ShareACoke merchandise, but also the Diet Coke and Coke Zero brands as well.

Apparel & Merchandise now features custom bottles, goods, and apparel for all occasions.

Five years ago, our work with Coca-Cola began with only a single brand and a single product.