Leading Hotels of The World

Using Deep Insights to Drive Personalization

The Leading Hotels of the World is a hospitality collection of more than 400 luxury hotels and resorts in over 80 countries. Their website has a wealth of content about rates, offers, and hotel amenities, so much so that it was difficult for Leading Hotels to determine what types of information influence how travelers arrive to their selection.

Leading Hotels ​combined existing data from Google BigQuery with our advanced analysis techniques, using the results to make enhancements to their website and create more personalized, seamless customer experiences. By uncovering which informational content touchpoints lead to hotel bookings, Leading Hotels could prioritize amenities with higher likelihood to lead to successful bookings, and ultimately optimize conversion.

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  • Digital Experience Analytics
  • Data & ML Ops

Business Issue

In order to see why members choose a particular hotel or resort, one core question needed to be answered: “Which content touchpoints lead to hotel bookings?​” The simple question had a complex answer. There is no simple conclusion available at face value in Google Analytics - instead, this question takes statistical modeling to address. Adding more nuance, each hotel had different amenities that would impact the booking journey and content​ flow.


Google Analytics 360 and Google BigQuery powered the attribution modeling necessary to pinpoint the content that contributed to the most valuable customer journeys. We analyzed detailed, unsampled, hit-level data, concentrating on the content that was most likely to have the biggest influence in preceding a purchase.

We applied statistical and machine learning techniques to model which amenities a specific traveler might be interested in (golfing, adventure excursions, kid-friendly hotels) - and by extension, which hotels. Through hierarchical clustering, we grouped similar users together and used our analysis to create personas, which gave Leading Hotels a baseline for driving more customized content.


We helped Leading Hotels quantify how different informational touchpoints led to a booking, and therefore gauge how to invest in those touchpoints to drive success​. The personas we surfaced were leveraged to personalize advertising, marketing, and web content - ensuring the right audiences were delivered the right messages. Armed with deeper insights into its customer journey, Leading Hotels is now better equipped to create more targeted messaging - improving both user experience and conversion rates.