Improving Patient Experience with Drupal & Headless Composable Architecture

Our client spent years studying what was wrong with the retail and online pharmacy experience. They had a vision to create a new digital pharmacy that would make prescription home delivery faster, easier and more affordable than ever before. This next-generation home delivery solution would provide a better experience to consumers and employer groups. To successfully launch the website and app for the new Birdi brand, our client needed a partner to craft a frictionless solution that would simplify and improve the current customer experience. With a compressed timeline, Bounteous worked alongside the client’s branding agency to bring the new experience to life with Drupal and a headless composable architecture.

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Business Issue

For consumers, purchasing prescriptions has historically been complicated and time-consuming, and in some cases, a barrier to care. Many existing online and retail pharmacies do not put focus on the customer experience, which results in more friction, costs, and delays between the consumer, prescriber, and payer. As more and more prescriptions are being ordered online, our client wanted to create a way to provide customers with a fast, easy, and affordable way to purchase medications. Our client wanted an upgraded solution that would simplify, improve and optimize the customer experience. This solution would require speed-to-market as well as a trusted partner to help them bring the experience to life in an effective and efficient way.


The client turned to Bounteous to help rebrand their current fulfillment platform and introduce a new and improved solution – Birdi.  For Bounteous, this meant creating two new frictionless solutions: a new website and an app that would simplify and improve the current customer experience. This also included the need to transition their current customer base and improve ordering processes along the way. 

With a compressed timeline, Bounteous worked alongside the client’s branding agency to bring the new experience to life with Drupal, React, and a headless composable architecture called Gatsby. This initiative is a great example of headless Drupal use where the new Birdi site pulls data from two places – the Drupal content management system (CMS) as well as the client’s existing database. Through the use of Gatsby and React on the front end, the content is then unified into a functioning and seamless website for users to interact with. 

Bounteous also implemented a new measurement strategy that enables constant refinement of friction points and testing of new functionality. With this foundation in place, Bounteous is not only working on incremental changes to improve signups but also leveraging composable solutions to remove additional barriers from the prescription transfer process.


Even with all of the unforeseen challenges in 2020 and 2021, Bounteous was able to deliver upon the initial goals set with the client, which included creating a new solution to reach consumers digitally and provide them with a simplified and improved customer experience.

The Birdi site went live in July 2021, on time and on budget, and the Birdi app was launched in October 2021. We also built a custom GA dashboard for the client executive team to view site performance data in real-time. In the first six months post-launch, Birdi reported more than 120K sessions, including 50K+ site visitors, more than 25K orders, and filled nearly 50K individual prescriptions - without any media or marketing drivers. Today, Birdi serves more than 100,000 customers and ships more than 600,000 prescriptions annually. Bounteous continues to co-innovate with the client to make improvements, support feature enhancements and maintenance, and evolve the Birdi experience.